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Pacesetter K9 is a Veteran owned and operated corporation that specializes in training top quality K9's for Law Enforcement or personal protection.

At Pacesetter K9 LLC our vision is be the premier working dog corporation by providing the highest quality working dog and be at the forefront of customer service. Through years of working in the canine community we have learned it’s all about the quality of dogs and the training of the handlers. Our business strengths are our knowledge of the working dog industry from military and law enforcement operations, dedication, and business management. Our active duty military experience has provided us with well rounded canine military knowledge working from Operation Iraqi Freedom and conducting explosive security sweeps for the Vice President and the Secretary of State. Since leaving active duty military service, we have trained explosives dogs for the Texas state capital and narcotics dogs that have seized millions of dollars and thousands of pounds of illegal drugs to help keep our streets and officers safe. The quality of time we will put into the training of each individual dog and the dog/handler team will stand out from our competitors.

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Corporate Manager and Training Director
Brad Langham

Brad Langham served in the United States NAVY from 2002 to 2010 as a Military Police K9 Officer. Brad started working with Military Working Dogs in 2002 while stationed on Guam Naval Base. He completed his Basic canine handler’s course in 2004 at Lackland Air Force Base in San Antonio, TX.  During his time as a canine handler, Brad made 2 combat deployments in support of Operation Iraqi Freedom. During these combat deployments his hard work and dedication resulted in his K9 team finding over 24,000 pounds of explosives. His leadership led to becoming a kennel supervisor for the United States NAVY. As the kennel supervisor, Brad was responsible for ten K9 teams, coordinating combat missions, maintaining all daily paperwork, ensuring all supplies were readily available, and coordinated personnel incoming and outgoing from the country, all while staying in contact with the units in or around the base. He setup and taught one of the first canine handler courses to be held in Al-Kut, Iraq. Working through the language barrier, this course taught Iraqi police officers basic obedience and proper handling of their canines. As a Military working dog handler, Brad certified on 4 separate detection dogs and has attended the Advanced Canine Combat Readiness Course held in Yuma, AZ.

Brad left active duty in 2010 however he continues to serve his country by remaining in the United States NAVY Reserves as a Military Police Officer. From the years 2010 to 2014 Brad ran the day to day operations for a civilian canine company. While there, he was in charge of training all canines, maintaining all equipment, and making sure paperwork was up to date on up to 80 canines at any given time. He also tested and selected new incoming canines during the procurement process, taught the basic handlers course to over 300 police officers, and matched K9 handlers with their perfect canine that has made them productive in their career. Brad has also delivered over 30 canines to families across the U.S. for personal protection. During these deliveries he made sure the canine was comfortable in the home and the clients knew the proper use of the canine. He was also responsible for maintaining contact with the clients and talking to potential new clients. He assisted many police departments in setting up their new K9 programs. Brad also ensured all canines were maintained medically and kennel cleaning and maintenance was completed daily.



K9 Trainer and Instructor
Michael Stanley

Michael Stanley retired from the Travis County Sheriff’s Office after 26 years of service. Michael’s last 10 years at the Sheriff’s Office were spent in the K9 Unit. He earned his Bachelor of Science in Criminal Justice from Texas State University. During his time in the K9 Unit Michael was the handler for a Dual Purpose Narcotics Detection K9.  Michael was also a certified K9 trainer from the Travis County Sheriff’s Office, designated SWAT dog handler, and designated unit trainer.

Some of Michael’s accomplishments include: gold medal in obedience and bronze medal in narcotic vehicle search in the 2008 Police Olympics, 1stplace overall in the National Police Canine Association (NPCA) Competition in 2011 and 3rd place in patrol operations and 4th place in narcotics detection in the Texas Police Canine Competition in 2014. Michael also holds his Master Peace Officer and Master Corrections Officer License.






K9 Trainer and Instructor
Justin Malandris

Justin Malandris served in the United States Marine Corps from 2013 to 2017 as a Military Police K9 Officer.

During his time in the Marine Corps, Justin was the handler for a Dual Purpose Narcotics Detection K9. Justin utilized the K9 in over 200 vehicle inspections, conducted numerous open area searches, and aided the Criminal Investigations Division in numerous narcotics operations. He also trained Military Working Dogs in the use of aggression and obedience.

While stationed Kaneohe Bay, Hawaii, Justin worked jointly with the United States Secret Service and Honolulu Police Department to protect the President of the United States.

Justin is also an ALERRT active shooter instructor.







K9 Trainer and Instructor
Brandon Stone

Brandon Stone served in the United States Air Force from 2010 to 2018 as a Military Police K9 Handler.

During his time in the Air Force, Brandon was the handler for a Dual Purpose K9. He provided support for United States Secret Service while supporting POTUS, VPOTUS, FLOTUS and several other key leaders of the United States.

Brandon also led training of Military Working Dog teams for police engagements and combat operations, planned and organized combat operations using an Explosive Detection Dog, and trained and instructed subordinates on Military Working Dog Combat Operations.

Brandon deployed with an Explosive Detection/Patrol K9 in 2017 in support of Operation Inherent Freedom.

Brandon has attended both TSI Basic SWAT and S.K.I.D.D.S. (SWAT & K9’s Interacting During Deployment School). During the training, Brandon learned to utilize his K9 during approaches, entries, slow stealth and tactical team movements, searching techniques, safe arrest techniques, and K9 team movement during live gunfire. During his time in the Air Force, Brandon was also awarded the TSgt Jason Norton Top K-9 Team Award.






Legal and Financial Director
Michele Langham

In 2007 Michele Langham became a certified peace officer for the State of Texas. From 2007- present Michele has worked for a police department in Central Texas. In 2009 Michele was promoted to the rank of Corporal and transferred to the Criminal Investigations Division as a Narcotics Detective, where she remains. Michele has been an active member of Texas Narcotics Officer Association since 2009 and was awarded the Central Region’s Narcotics Officer of the Year in 2012. Michele frequently attends training on narcotics trends and legislative update classes and has a continuing commitment to narcotics enforcement.









K9s4COPs was founded to address the need for funding the
purchase of K9s for Law Enforcement Agencies.
Pacesetter K9 has partnered with them as their K9 vendor.

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4 Heroes Charity, Inc is a non-profit organization
focused on the support of first responders.

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Congratulations to the Pacesetter K9 dog teams on receiving awards during the 3rd Annual South Texas Police K9 Competition! 

Live Oak PD Officer Wall and K9 Warrant- 3rd Place in Fast Dog Competition 

Laredo PD Officer Castillo and K9 Chado- 2nd Place in Patrol Scenarios 




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